DJI Spark Mini Drone Wi

For seasoned pilots searching for an aerial upgrade, the DJI Mavic 3 is a better fit. Following a firmware update which unlocked key features like QuickShots, the Mavic 3 is finally the aerial powerhouse that DJI promised. Fronted by a Four Thirds camera with phantom 4 adjustable aperture, it also features a secondary telephoto lens,… Continue reading DJI Spark Mini Drone Wi

Dji Spark Vs Mavic Pro

However, you can always buy more batteries and fly all day long. I know that DJI put a ton of time and effort into not only this drone, but the tech behind it, including new flight features we hope to see roll out to other drones. The overall package is a worthwhile purchase, scoring you… Continue reading Dji Spark Vs Mavic Pro