Inflatable Kayaks

Watch for leaks around seams and nozzles and be careful not to over-inflate, a common mistake for beginners. This can cause the PVC fabric to weaken and increase the likelihood of damage. The floor has an I-beam construction that makes this a stable and user-friendly boat. As we cracked open the lid we found everything… Continue reading Inflatable Kayaks

Intex Inflatable Kayaks And Boats

Motor mount grommets, an all-around grab rope, oar locks, two aluminum oars, and inflatable seat cushions are included with this model. Expedition quality inflatable kayaks top the list of my favorite inflatable boats. This type of kayak provides the most versatility of all inflatable boats. If you can only own one boat and need to… Continue reading Intex Inflatable Kayaks And Boats

Intex River Run Two

In terms ofconvenience, inflatables could be collapsed into backpack size and are, thus, easily stored, stacked, carried, and used. Also called a “hardshell kayak”, it includes non-inflatable kayaks made up of “wood, plastic, fiberglass or composite materials”. Some sit-inside kayaks even have skirts to wrap around the paddlers up to the waist, which is a… Continue reading Intex River Run Two

Intex 57534ep Cruiser Motorcycle Inflatable Ride

This motorcycle pool float ride-on is designed so your kiddo can ride it like a real low ride cruiser. That means hours of fun as your little one’s imagination takes them on new adventures during pool time. Throughout the kayaking season, carrying kayaks instead of dragging them over the ground will help ensure their longevity,… Continue reading Intex 57534ep Cruiser Motorcycle Inflatable Ride