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The alternative dial layout is the kind of thing the G-Shockers will fuss over on the forums, but you can go with your gut and let the kids do the arguing. Rock the purple and green colorway for mad retro-90s style. These watches are pushing 80s style into modern proportions like a trunk-pumpin’ remix of… Continue reading Gshock Watches

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The MUDMASTER watch arrives in a bright yellow with black accents and military green with black accents. Awesome piece of technology and overall exceptional looks and ruggedness! Love the features, it’s, you have several unique options at the push of a button. With its extensive qualities and a classy outlook, the twin sensor watch enables… Continue reading Buy Casio G

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The resin is raised for the bezel in order to keep the screen protected, and both sides have ”bumpers” in order to increase its resistance to shocks, but also keep the crown and triple sensor protected. Casio has constructed the case from a plastic material and on top sits a sapphire crystal. To prevent dirt… Continue reading Casio Men’s G

The Carbon

That is also true given the limited space available for light to enter a subdial photovoltaic cell that would recharge a light-powered watch. The step-counter functionality is the latest g shock protection sensor to be integrated into a G-Shock watch. While you don’t ever need to use it, those who want their G-Shock to now… Continue reading The Carbon

Casio Men’s G

There are times when you don’t want to use the LED night to preserve night vision so being able to accurately know you are reading the dial ‘square’ is important. The watch was super easy to pair with the Bluetooth app and has a ‘cloned watch’ useable screen where what you see on the app… Continue reading Casio Men’s G

The Carbon

It reduces the amount of lume visible in some circumstances and I would rather the hands end at the center piece than extend beyond it. I find with many Japanese manufacturers they understate their accuracy and given that the watch synchs with your app you’ll usually always have total accuracy for the current time wherever… Continue reading The Carbon

The Carbon

With its extensive qualities and a classy outlook, the twin sensor watch enables you to access directions and temperature even under rough surfaces. For Anderson, all of these features combine to make a watch that’s incredibly useful when fighting wildfires. The digital and analog faces make it easy to read, even in a haze of… Continue reading The Carbon

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Gshock Watches The Rangeman really hits the sweet-spot of G-Shocks lineup. With its practical features, durability and price-point, it represents the best of what G-shocks are meant to be. On the other hand, G-shock watches are neither subtle, luxurious nor “smart.” They are ruthlessly utilitarian and some models can be downright ugly and bulky. In… Continue reading gshock watches 835

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Casio Unveils Its First G The Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 comes in red, black and blue colors and will cost $700 in the US and £600 in the UK. It’s set to arrive in mid-May, though it’s yet to appear on the US G-Shock website. However, g shock watch you can find it on the… Continue reading gshock watches 975

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Casio G You might think it’s too big at first if you are used to wearing smaller watches but you might get used to the size. You should try to find a store where you can try it on and look at it in a mirror too because it might look bigger from your own… Continue reading gshock watches 948