Glass Pipes Smoking Accessories Asheville, NC

Cleaning a glass pipe is relatively simple and most people opt to boil it in water for about 10 minutes. In order to reduce movement and help prevent accidental breakage during the cleaning process, use a small vessel or a colander. Soaking it in alcohol, with a minimum concentration of 91%, is also a highly… Continue reading Glass Pipes Smoking Accessories Asheville, NC

Premium Pipes & Bongs

Woodgrain Mycology Sherlock Heady Glass Pipe pictured above, are the ones with the classic “U” shape from the mouthpiece to bowl. Sherlock might have been puffing on tobacco when he first made this pipe style popular, but the modern era has brought the design back with some snappy adaptations for smoking cannabis. Do bear in… Continue reading Premium Pipes & Bongs

Asheville On Bikes

We aspire to make the world a better place, and get more butts on bikes, and we’ve made good on that goal for over 30 years. Marin Bikes offers a world-class lineup of critically-acclaimed mountain, drop bar, fitness/transit and kids bikes, designed by a passionate crew of riders in Northern California. We don’t make bikes… Continue reading Asheville On Bikes