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And even though it’s a cinch to wash by hand the blender is dishwasher safe too, chances are most owners will simply toss it into the washer when it’s time to tidy up. Those gargantuan machines offer huge batch blending jars ranging from 64 to a whopping 90 fluid ounces, while the minute MultiBlend’s capacity tops out at 48 ounces. You’d be wise not to completely discount the MultiBlend’s abilities based on physical stature alone. For a higher level of performance, opt for a Hamilton Beach blender with a powerful motor that delivers 1,500 to 1,800 watts of power. Glass cup is large (40 ounces) with a convenient pouring spout. Like almost all blenders, it can roughly chop the nuts, but after that, it can’t process them any further.

Some retailers let you buy this blender with an additional 14-ounce jar. Since this jar is identical to the 14-oz main jar we tested, we don’t expect a difference in performance. If you encounter any other variants of this blender, let us know in the discussion section below so we can update our review.

The most affordable Hamilton Beach blenders are small personal models. They usually have a capacity of 20 ounces or less and a maximum of 300 watts of power. Packed with smart features, these durable blenders offer a sturdy glass jar (glass jug) with ample capacity, measuring marks and a comfortable handle for easy pouring. Hamilton Beach® Glass Jar Blenders are easy to use and dishwasher safe, with great blender performance you can depend on. This roundup includes results from two sets of tests including a total of 38 different personal blender models.

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It offers surprisingly solid performance and a nice assortment of accessories at a budget price. To find the best personal blenders, we put 38 top-rated models through a series of tests hamilton beach smoothie blender to evaluate their performance. In addition to assessing their ability to blend fibrous greens and crush ice, we also rated each one’s design, convenience, and ease of use and cleaning.

To be clear though, the Nutri Ninja proved itself to be the blades master here as well, marking the same result in 15 to 20 pulses. Blue light turns on as do all function hamilton beach smoothie blender lights but blender will not work. I don’t want to purchase a new one as this has only been used a handful of times and I don’t consider it to be disposable.