Free Recipe Book with New Cuisinart Soup Maker Recipes

The Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker is just that. Combine a high power blender from one of the world leaders in kitchenware with a fast boil kettle, and you kind of see where this product is going. The cuisinart griddler elite Soup Maker and Blender is as sleek an appliance as I’ve seen. With its glistening charcoal finish and easy-to-read bright red LED displays, it’s like something out of the dashboard of a Bentley.

Leave ’em in, add some oil, and turn the knob to low. Basically, you can cook an entire soup in the 48-ounce capacity unit (56 ounces if you’re using it with cold items like smoothies or shakes) with minimal prep. The Cusinart Soup Maker and Blender looks to streamline the entire soup process. The Cuisinart blend and cook soup maker really doesn’t work, unless all you want is pureed soups it’s good for that, but that’s just about it.

cuisinart soup maker

Meanwhile, thile the 900 watt motor has the power to easily perform all of your normal blender functions for making smoothies, crushing ice, chopping nuts, making baby food, etc. So from what I can tell it….pretty much does everything. One of the best parts of the Blend and Cook Soupmaker is the cleanup. If you add one cup of warm water and a drop of dish soap and blend on the low speed, then pour out the water and rinse, you’ll have clean blender ready for your next meal. With the touch of a button this blender cooks and blends your favorite soups.

Whoever came up with the advertising slogan, “Soup is good food” was spot on. And good for you, too, especially when you make it yourself. Cuisinart is set to introduce (sorry U.S., looks like just U.K. for now) the cuisinart pots and pans set in September 2009.

The recipe booklet included with the machine gives recipes for hot drinks like orange white hot chocolate or icy drinks like berry cherry smoothies or basil lemonade. Because this appliance functions as a hybrid slow-cooker, food processor, and blender, it’s something that deserves a piece of real estate on your kitchen counter. It’s cuisinart soup maker the perfect gift for busy folks trying to find a little bit of extra time during this holiday insanity. Usually, combination appliances miss the culinary mark. Silicone bowls in which you can prepare food and then throw it in the oven to roast said food? But the Soup Maker is a shining example of a smart combination appliance.

Once butter begins to melt add the garlic, onion and ginger. Cover blender jar and stir about 5 to 8 quick bursts to break up. Continue to stir occasionally while sautéing.